Welcome Party

A warm welcome to our Lil Buddies for bringing back the school vibes.

Independence Day Song Competition Winner

National Song Competition at Beaconhouse College Gulberg Campus

under the theme"DIL KI AWAZ - PAKISTAN"

Lordian Manaham Shakil and Jamal Hussain both from Grade IX participated. Manaham Shakil got second position.

Eid Party

Middle & Senior Sections Eid Party

Eid is a festival that upholds the spirit of brotherhood and love. To celebrate the post merriment and cherished moments, Eid Milan was held on 29th April.

Students came to school with a special excitement in their beautiful Eid dresses. They had fun with singing songs, musical chairs and were seen releasing their energy in dancing. Lastly they shared their eatables with one another.


Debate Contest

Inter House Punjabi Takra 2023

بعنوان" بوہتا پیسہ لالچ یا لوڑ"

Category A – Favour:
1st Qadr Ellahi – Iqbal House
2nd Fizza – Sir Syed House
3rd Syed Hussain Shirazi – Fatima House

Consolation to Maida Nadeem (Iqbal House) & Afaf Khan (Quaid House)

Category A – Against :
1st Mashaim Ali – Quaid House
2nd Fajar Javaid – Iqbal House
3rd Fatima Yahya – Iqbal House
Consolation to Mahad Ali (Sir Syed House) & Naima Sajjad (Fatima House)

Category B – Seniors
1st Abeeha Sajjad – Quaid House
2nd Aminah Noor – Sir Syed House
3rd Manaham Shakil – Fatima House
Consolation to Hateeza Saleha (Quaid House), Shahan Zubair (Iqbal House) & Jamal Hussain (Sir Syed House)

spring games

Spring Games

The motive of organizing Indoor games contest in spring season is to keep the students entertained. These games get them out of anxiety and help as mind booster.

Farewell Party

Farewell Party

Farewell to the most amazing students. May you be victorious in all spheres of your life.

Traffic Police Road Safety Campaign

Traffic Police Road Safety Campaign

Theme ''Community Helpers''. Road safety skills are best learnt in the real traffic environment. For this a team of traffic wardens visited our school yesterday to teach some important road safety tips to the students.

Inter House Cricket Tournament 2023

Inter House Cricket Tournament 2023

Sir Syed House defeated Quaid House by 26 runs in the Final Match
Ibrahim Aslam was declared Man of the Match for highest runs (52)
Player of the Tournament award was grabbed by Ibrahim Aslam of Sir Syed House
3rd position match won by Iqbal House by 8 wickets against Fatima House
Zain Ali was declared Man of the Match for highest runs (21)