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“I teach you and you teach me. Together we learn to love to learn.” Montessori or Play Group are the familiar words which come in the intellect of a parent when they decide about the future of young educator but as they enter in the Lords premises they ask, “ What is a Child Development Center?” This is an unerringly place where you dream to send your child.

Our purpose is to provide stimulating educational experiences in a warm and friendly atmosphere for young children. The Lords International provides an open environment that meets the needs of children.

Through play, we believe that children are free to master new knowledge at their own rate and in their own way. Each child is special to us. We want to stress to each child that he / she is a unique individual. We want to encourage his / her strengths then build on his / her natural curiosity and desire to learn. Child Development Centre is not just a traditional class room where things are taught in the conventional way, it is the creative class room that harnesses all of its power to solve problems of the children. It is our intent to create an atmosphere and curriculum that nurtures physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual growth for the entire pre-school community. Thematic work done in the class displays the variety of input given to them through various indoor as well as outdoor activities.

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Inculcating mannerism through celebrations

Teachers are continuously playing the role of guides who teach us manners, social etiquettes and norms. However, one does not get to practice many of the things taught during routine study hours but social functions play the role of the missing link between learning and practicing leading to the grooming of our personalities. Many functions are arranged by the Lords or this purpose and the CDC children also have parties exclusively for them. Disguise Day is the most popular event in which CDC children are asked to come attired in different get ups and are given praise and appreciation for their endearing efforts and awarded by the Directors. An important part of learning is through cultural and religious event. It is natural for a child to feel that Eid is merely a day to be dressed up and enjoy in this material world of lost values but it becomes the duty of us – the teachers, to inform them of the true values of such events.

Education through field trips reinforcing learning

The effects of audio visual aids are manifold as compared to audio aids alone. Theoretical knowledge is undoubtedly reinforced by practical knowledge and leaves imprints which lasts forever in their minds; the Lords International is an avenue where conceptual learning is given a special focus on. Alongside of outdoor activities, a variety of field trips await the children to provide them a golden chance to learn about their surroundings. Visits to the airport, post office and the zoo were made to give them first hand knowledge of the workings of those places. At zoo they not only enjoyed watching the animals but also saw how they were cared for and fed, which made them realize that keeping animals is not just a matter of love but also of responsibility.

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