Debate Contest

Inter House Punjabi Takra 2023

بعنوان" بوہتا پیسہ لالچ یا لوڑ"

Category A – Favour:
1st Qadr Ellahi – Iqbal House
2nd Fizza – Sir Syed House
3rd Syed Hussain Shirazi – Fatima House

Consolation to Maida Nadeem (Iqbal House) & Afaf Khan (Quaid House)

Category A – Against :
1st Mashaim Ali – Quaid House
2nd Fajar Javaid – Iqbal House
3rd Fatima Yahya – Iqbal House
Consolation to Mahad Ali (Sir Syed House) & Naima Sajjad (Fatima House)

Category B – Seniors
1st Abeeha Sajjad – Quaid House
2nd Aminah Noor – Sir Syed House
3rd Manaham Shakil – Fatima House
Consolation to Hateeza Saleha (Quaid House), Shahan Zubair (Iqbal House) & Jamal Hussain (Sir Syed House)

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