The Lords International School created OLC “Old Lordians Club” to strengthen the ties between former students, teachers and mentors in Pakistan and abroad. OLC creates a digital connection between fellows of The Lords International School. OLC is a source to keep you all updated about campus events and opportunities. OLC is a platform where you all can share thoughts with other fellows. OLC a family tree of The Lords International school system which is keep on growing and flourishing. Old Lordians are the source of its growth.

“Once a Lordian forever a Lordian”. The slogan stands true for the faithful and committed students who leave Lords physically but in their hearts the love and respect for this institution keeps mounting. In the name of true love and sincerity we formed a club called “Old Lordian Club” in short OLC. This very club ensures that we remain a family even when we move out from our “home like school”. OLC works as an umbilical cord between students and the institute. Hence, we become inseparable. This club has been arranging get-together and reunion parties. There is an absolute body that looks after and monitors its working. Soon after 10th by default the students become OLC members. It’s like a free ticket to the club. A lifelong membership and a lifelong bond. “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Says, Nelson Mandela Holding the thought of Mandela we keep returning and sharing our present with The Lords and our very own Mr. Khurram Ilays, the Director.
Fatima Tanvir